An App for Diabetes


Diose is an iOS application that helps diabetic patients manage their conditions easily and effectively. It provide patients with day-to-day data visualization of their progress and the incentive to stay healthy through a gamification aspect. Additionally, it improves monitoring capabilities for doctors by emailing them patients’ reports weekly.

On Going App Design

Diose connects wirelessly to a Bluetooth-enabled glucometer to record and utilize all the information that the it collects. The app removes the tedious task of recording blood sugar levels by syncing in these numbers while the glucometer is in use. It uses this information to create objectives and reminders that make it easy for a person to manage their diabetes.

Gamification of diabetes regulate tasks that
results in real life rewards to increase
incentive for healthy-living.

Intuitive & simplistic interface to deliver detailed results in a more understanding and fun way. Users can set goals for themselves, and the app will react and give feedback in parallel to that.

In Collaboration With


Mudassir Iqbal

Parth Soni


Sally Luc