Petal: The Baby Care System is a conceptual smart baby-monitoring cradle. This product is split into 2 basic components: The physical cradle model & the data-visualization.

2 Weeks Graphic Design

Baby Cradle

The cradle includes different basic sensors that monitor the baby’s sleeping patterns, body temperatures, body weight, baby’s diaper change and checks if the baby is actively playing. If it detects the baby crying loudly, it will start rocking the cradle gently to calm the baby down. It collects and presents all of this data in a readable form for the parents to better understand the baby’s behaviour.

Data Visualization

The cradle gathers all of the behaviour data and generates a visualization for the parents to understand. It maps the behaviours over time and dictates the current situation of the baby. It also provides important information such as the baby’s weight and current body temperatures.

In Collaboration With


Parth Soni


Sally Luc